Planting voo doo lilys

I had the bud from a voo doo lily given to me and I need to know how to plant it. It has the green and orange seeds still inside of it but the outside is dried up and brown (the lily itself). She just picked off the stem in her yard and gave it to me. I wanted to know something about them other than what she told me,she told me they let off an odor when they are blooming and they are dark purple with a yellow tongue in the middle. That's all i know about them but I didn't know how to plant it.
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Thanks for writing. It sounds like you've been given the fruits of a voodoo lily --- so first you'll need to squish the fruits to separate out the seeds. Then wash the seeds off with water and soak them in lukewarm water overnight.

Then either plant them outdoors in a sheltered spot in your garden --- or in moist seed-starting mix in the house. Keep them moist but not soggy and in a bright spot and they should sprout in three to four weeks.

The plants do bear dramatic flowers. Be warned that they smell like rotting meat, however, and will attract flies during their bloom period.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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