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The back portion of my yard from time to time is wet, especially after a heavy rain. Water tends to sit there until it has a chance to drain off. This area is in sun most of the day. What plants or grasses would do well in this type of area? I currently have regular orange daylilies and stella d'oro daylilies there and they are doing very well. Thanks for your help
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Thanks for writing! There are several perennials that do great in moist soil. Some of my favorites are gooseneck loosestrife (, cardinal flower (, perennial hibiscus (, and astilbe ( You can find other great choices for your area in our Plant Encyclopedia:

 Good luck. I hope this helps!

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Also, try bog sage (salvia uglinoisa), iris pseudacorus (will grow in water or damp soil), hydrangeas, hostas, ajuga ground cover. Google the new rain gardens and see what is being planted where there are similar drainage problems and to prevent run-off that may harm nearby lakes and streams.
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