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Perennials that did not bloom or bloomed poorly

I have large perennial beds and this year was a tough one. I live in Wisconsin and although, I have lost plants to tough winters and springs, I have never had plants not bloom. My beds are 10 years old This year, I have several plants that did not bloom and some that bloomed poorly. Will the ones that did not bloom or bloomed poorly come back next year? Is there something I can do that will encourage them to return next year? Thank you.

Submitted by jpurplefishstudio

The possible answer depends on the plant. Some perennials aren't very long lived, and after ten years might just be growing old. Others might have struggled last year in the heat and drought, and are weaker this year as a result. Some stop blooming when they need dividing. So, divide anything that seems overly large. This often has a rejuventing effect. Make sure smaller plants aren't being shaded out by others, and trim back if necessary to ensure every plant is getting light. And just take good general care with water and light fertilizing. If you do these things, I suspect they'll do better next year.

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