perennials on a slope, year round.

What plants can I grow on a large slope that will look good year round and come back every year. Also fast spreading. I live in zone
Submitted by cindyjbrickley

Hi, Well it completely depends on how much sunlight the area gets. If it receives 6 hours or more a day, you should focus on sun-lovers. Any less sun and go with shade plants. Check our Plant Encyclopedia on this website and do an Advanced Search. If you plug in all your criteria it should give you a planting list.

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Creeping phlox can be very pretty and comes in a variety of pinks, lavenders, white and red. flowers in the spring then remains green the rest of the summer. There are also "ground cover day lilies" that are great for slopes. They multiply fast and leave a nice green foilage after they bloom. You could go with an ever- blooming variety of day lily for color year round.
Submitted by wendy_sheets2007