I have a 10+ year peony that was given to me 3 years ago by my sister. She informed that that it would take some time for it to re-establish itself in a new environment and to leave it alone It is now coming into bloom with what appears 10-12 flowers to open. I fertilized it very lightly in the spring. A friend of mine planted a new peony in her garden last fall and she has as many, if not more blooms on her new plant. Am I doing something wrong?
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Thanks for writing. Without being able to see your plant and where it's growing, I can't say if you're doing anything wrong. But it certainly sounds like you're doing everything right.

I'd not worry that your friend has more flowers --- plants, like people, react differently to situations. If your friend's plant had a bigger root system, was more established, or is a heartier variety, then it's perfectly natural for her plant to have more flowers than yours.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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