Peonies not blooming after dividing

Two years ago I divided several clumps of peonies that were quite old and the blooms were not as large and plentiful as previously. The new bushes are large and healthy looking, but except for one variety, they are not blooming. What should I do to promote bloom?
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Well first of all, be sure they are planted in the full sun. Shade is not good for peonies. These plants need at least 6 to 8 hours a day. Also, you may have planted them too deeply. Peony roots should have their ""eyes"" about an inch or two underground. Any deeper and they may grow, but not bloom well. I would wait until fall when they go dormant and use a spade to dig up a corner of one of the plants to see how deep they are. Also, it may take another year for them to recover from their division. These plants may be fine, but just putting effort into leaf growth to restore their root systems and may bloom next year. Also, don't fertilize them. Too much nitrogen can cause the plants to grow foliage, but not flowers.

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