Peonies not blooming

I have 2 peony bushes -- had them for several years and in the past, both have bloomed with beautiful flowers -- one is pink the other red. This year -- only the red bloomed? Any suggestions as to why the other did not. Thanks
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Several things can cause peonies to fail to bloom. It can be too much shade. It can be too much nitrogen in the soil; lawn fertilizer is very high in nitrogen, so if your peony is near a fertilized lawn, that might be the culprit. There may be too much competition for nutrients and moisture from surrounding plants or tree roots invading the root space of your peony. Overcrowding can cause blooming problems. It would be a good idea to apply a slow-release granular fertilizer to your peonies each spring. Look for a formulation that is high in phosphorous--something similar to 5-10-5 or 10-30-10--to promote blooms.

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