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Peonies in Central Texas: Live or Die?

I just purchased two peony bulbs. One is a Margaret Truman variety and the other is a Sarah Bernhardt. I live in the central hill country of Texas. Not too humid, it is a semi arid area of Texas. We have mild winters with a few cold snaps getting us into the 20s and 10s at times. Summer highs range between the 90s and on really hot days 100 degrees. Will my new peonies stand a chance in this climate? Or should I have passed them up at the store?
Submitted by MamaEilers

Peonies are widely adaptable, and can be grown in Zones 2 to 9. Sarah Bernhardt is particularly well adapted to the heat and humidity of the South, so you should have good luck with them. You likely will need to water the plants, because they like moist, well-drained soil.

Answered by DSchrock

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