Over-wintering coral bells.

Hi I've recently purchased some coral bells and have left them in pots because we will be moving in october and I'd like to take them with me. Can I leave them in pots in the winter - perhaps in our new insulated but not heated garage. I'm in zone 5. Thanks muchly Cindy Carey
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I don't think it will work. If the soil in those pots freezes solid at any point the coralbells won't survive. These are tough plants in the garden, but are generally short-lived perennials that will only be around for a few years. I just don't feel they'll overwinter in a pot at all. You'd be better off planting them someplace and transplanting them to a new location in the spring.

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I live in NYC and have a 6th floor terrace garden with north and western exposure. Last winter, I trimmed back my 2 coral bells and covered them with mulch. They returned in the spring and grew even larger when I transplanted them into a larger pot. I will be doing the same again this winter.
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