Non-blooming hydrangeas

I have hydrangea plants of various varieties in my yard that are about 2 and 3 years old. They appear to be healthy and growing lush foliage, but have failed to bloom this year. Can you please give me an idea of why this would happen? Thank you
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You do not say which kind of hydrangeas you have but I expect they are the big leaf kind - Hydrangea macrophylla. These are the ones that are often sold as potted plants for various occasions. There are several reason perhaps why they did not bloom this year. Did you prune them in the spring or fall? These hydrangeas make buds for the following season right after they have bloomed, so if you pruned in the fall or spring you actually cut off the buds that would have given you a display this season. Prune immediately after bloomtime. Otherwise, the buds are often frozen during the winter. I don't know if you had a hard winter last year or not. The buds are especially susceptible if a very cold snap follows some nice balmy weather. Uneven watering with serious drought also affects blooming of hydrangeas. Try to keep the soil evenly moist at all times. Hope this helps.

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