Name of a perennial with crimson leaves and small white flowers?

I'm looking for the name of a flower I have. It has crimson leaves about 1/2" wide by 2.5" long. It has delicate white almost lite pink flowers. It is hardy, spreads easily. It does't flower real long, just in June I think, but the leaves stay. The foilage is gorgeous, some green but mostly crimson to cranberry colored. Can you help me? thank you. Cindy email:

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Hi, So sorry, but from the description I can't be sure what kind of plant you have. If you like, you could send me a photo for identification, but let me know if you want to try that before I send you my email address. My only wild guess might be a gaura, but again, I'm just guessing. You can also search around our Plant Encyclopedia on this website to see if gaura fits the description or some other plant turns up.

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