My delphiniums haven't come up yet, 4 month fertilizer

In my perennial garden, almost everything has come up, except for my delphiniums. I don't think they have made it through the winter. Do they come up later than most perennials? Also, last year I put a one-time fertilizer around all my perennials that lasts four months. I noticed when scratching around my plants this year that the fertilizer was still there. Do I put more on this year? Or is that still good?
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Delphiniums are usually short-lived; yours may have seen its last season. Many people grow them as cool-season annuals. As to the fertilizer that you are seeing in the soil, it's spent, too. Reapply this year. Better still, use organic matter like compost to enrich the soil, which will make your plants healthier.

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