Moving Hostas

I have some hostas that are not doing well, due to too much sun, can I move them now?
Submitted by chubbls

Hi, Thanks for writing. You can certainly move your hostas now. It's fine to transplant them anytime from spring to fall. ---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,
Answered by CostaFarms
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The key to planting anytime from spring to fall is WATER! Whenever you put a plant into the ground either from a pot, from another location in the garden, from a division or from a friend, watering it - especially for the 14 days after planting - is crucial. The best way to see if a plant needs water is to put your index finger into the ground (or container) up to your second knuckle If your finger comes out clean, water! If it is covered with soil, don't water!
Submitted by LucyMcGigs