Monkey Grass and Hummingbird Vine

I live in zone 5 (13145 zip). My mother went to North Carolina and brought home some plants for me not knowing what they were. I have tried to research these plants and am having a hard time finding them. The plants are Monkey Grass - one is variegated and the other plant is a Hummingbird Vine. She also brought a holly but I have no way to know what kind and I was told I would not get berries. I have pictures of these plants I can send.
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Thanks for writing. Learn more about monkeygrass (also called mondo grass):

Learn more about hummingbird vine (also called trumpet vine):

As far as your holly goes, if you would like to submit a photo of it, you can do so at and then just share the URL of your photos with us at

Most holly plants are either male or female (just like people). Only the female varieties can make berries --- so to get fruits, you'll have to have both a male and a female in your yard. Unfortunately, if you don't know what variety it is, it's very hard to know if it's male or female. The only way to know is to examine the flowers with a magnifying glass when they bloom in the spring and see if they have male or female reproductive organs.

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