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Leggy peonies, not growing well

2 peonies,18-24 inches apart.One(Edulis Superba)has grown well this spring and is blooming.However,the stems are very leggy and the leaves start about halfway up the stem. The flowers should be deep pink and they are very light pink. The other peony (Henry Sass)started growing, just two stems with leaves, one six inches tall, the other 12. They have not grown at all for several weeks and there are no buds.
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To get a better handle on what's going on, we really need more information. Are they in full sun? Peonies need at least 8 hours of direct sun a day to bloom and not get leggy. Are they being overfertilized? Too much plant food can make them tall and flop over. Are they planted at the right depth? Peonies don't bloom well if they are planted too deeply. I can't help too much, not knowing more about your plants, but these are the main reasons I can think of that would explain your peony problems.

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