Leaves turning black on black-eyed susans

Hi I had this problem last year also. It is happening again. The lower leaves are turning black and working it's way upward. Last summer they barely bloomed. Is there anything I can do to stop this and have healthy plants and flowers?
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Thanks for writing. Without seeing your plants in person, I can't be sure, but it sounds like a fungal disease --- a very common problem on black-eyed Susans. Help prevent it by growing your plants in a bright, sunny spot (shade makes them more susceptible to the disease). Also: Avoid watering the plants with a sprinkler; wet leaves can also encourage the disease.

If that doesn't help, you can try spraying them with a fungicide, or look for a variety next year that's better suited to your conditions so it won't succumb to disease as easily.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com

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