Leaves curling up on my hibiscus

The leaves on my hibiscus are curling up. I treated them with bug dust a few weeks ago cause they had some worms on them and that took care of the problem and didn't seem to hurt them. Also I would like to know when to divide them since some of them have so many stalks. Thank you Dixie
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I wonder what kind of "bug dust" you applied to the hibiscus. Although they seemed fine at the time, I suspect that they are having a delayed reaction to the insecticide. Keep the plants well watered and avoid further spraying except with clean water. They may drop their leaves but will probably put out another crop and be fine. Hibiscus shrubs do not divide well. If the bushes are too dense, prune out some of the old growth in early spring. This involves taking out whole branches right down to ground level to thin out the stems. If you do a few every year and get the plants on a routine schedule, you will find that new growth emerges from the base and the shrub will growth healthy and strong with plenty of flowers.

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