Is Zebra grass and Miscanthus grass the same thing?

My neighbor has a Miscanthus that he calls porcupine grass. It has yellowish horizontal stripes on the leaves. I've seen a similar grass that goes by the name zebra grass. Are they the same thing?
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At first glance, porcupine grass and zebra grass do look alike. And the names are often confused. Both belong to the same species, and both have horizontal yellow stripes, but they are different cultivars. Porcupine grass is Miscanthus sinensis ‘Strictus’, and zebra grass is M. s. ‘Zebrinus’. Porcupine grass is more stiffly upright (think porcupine quills); zebra grass is more open and floppy. Also, porcupine grass is reliably hardy in Zones 4-9, whereas zebra grass may need protection in Zone 4.

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