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Is my bougainvillea dead?

I live in San Jose, CA, and am not sure if my bougainvillea is dead. It bloomed beautifully last year. It has not re-bloomed and looks dead now. The stems are not green inside. I cut it way back in the winter when it started to look bad. So many people have told me not to take it out, that it will come back next year. Do Bougainvilleas go dormant for a year at a time and come back? What to do? The area gets about five hours of full sun a day.
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Thanks for writing. If you're not seeing any green in the stems at all, the stems have probably died back. It may be able to send up new shoots from the roots, depending on what caused it to die back. (Without being able to see it, I can't say why it died.) You can cut it back and continue to be patient to see if it grows new shoots from the roots --- or replant so you don't have to look at it. It's up to you!

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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