Is Digitalis Heywoodii Pink a perennial and is lambs ear invasive

Hi there: I am dying to try this digitalis, but don't know anything about them. Can you tell me more about this digitalis, is it a perennial or bi-annual and if so does it self seed well. Also have a question about Lambs Ear, was really wanting to try this in front of my roses, loved the way that looked, but heard they are terribly invasive, is this true and if so, why do I see them in every magazine I look at,I would think people wouldn't use them so much if they were that invasive. Thank you!
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Digitalis purpurea 'Heywoodii', sometimes called Silver Fox Foxglove because of its silvery gray foliage, is a biennial. That means it'll grow a leafy rosette the first year, bloom and set seed the second year, and then die. You can count on abundant seeds to carry on in the garden, but it won't become a nuisance.

Good news on the lamb's ear (Stachys byzantina). It is a vigorous grower, spreading well and forming large clumps that increase in size every year. However, it is NOT invasive. Invasive means you'd be pulling up plants that have spread rampantly and cursing yourself for ever introducing it in your garden. With lamb's ear, you'll likely end up digging up pieces around the edge every second or third year to help keep the clump an attractive size for your garden. The pieces you remove can be planted elsewhere, given to friends, or composted. It's a pleasant maintenance task to work with this thriving perennial.

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