how to redo a huge front garden

i live in new orleans la (zone 9) i have a front garden that faces the north side of my house. it is huge and ugly 30ft x4ft. everything i have tried to plant has died or will not grow. the soil is clay like so i even tried containers i hate this straight shape like everything is lined up i need landscape ideas what plants to change it up and what makes it worse is the 2 story huge brick wall of the house. i have pics of the nightmare

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We're not able to design individual garden plans because of the specific nature of each site and the number of requests that we'd receive. However, we do have quite a few garden plans online that can be used as the basis for your individual plan. The one at this link is a shady site 3 feet wide by 17 feet long. By doubling it, you would cover most of the 40-foot length of your site. You could also mix it up a bit by inserting a few containers to vary the height. You might also find some additional plans that would be helpful by using our Garden Plan Finder.

If your garden has heavy clay soil, you may need to amend it by adding lots of organic matter to loosen and aerate it. This might also involve making a raised bed on the site to improve drainage. Here's a story about how to build a brick raised bed. You could even make it of varying heights to break up the long run.

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