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How do I overwintering Bird of Paradise plants?

We live in the mountains of So Calif. I have 6 large Bird of Paradise plants that have done well in containers all spring/summer, but the temp is dropping outside & they are too large to bring into the house. We could have snow by Nov. What is the best way to preserve them over the winter? I could take them to our office in San Bernardino but I'd rather keep them here if it's feasible. Thanks for any info you can give me. Denise McLeod

Submitted by ldenise

Thanks for writing! These plants do pretty well as houseplants --- and the process of saving them is pretty easy. Just dig them out of the ground, remove as much of the garden soil from the roots as you can, then pot them in a large container with a potting mix ade for pots (don't use garden soil). As long as you water them regularly (once every week or two, depending on conditions) and they get enough light, they'll survive through the winter until you can move them back outdoors next spring. Or, if you have lots of bright light, you can keep them indoors all year --- if they get enough light they should bloom in the summer.

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