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How do I care for Lavender plants in the spring and fall?

I planted 3 Lavender plants last summer. They get full sun, are in a raised bed with plenty of good drainage. I'm not sure if they are coming back. What do I need to look for and what kind of care do they need in the winter. I live in lower Michigan.
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Thanks for writing. The biggest thing about growing lavender is making sure it has well-drained soil. This plant hates growing in clay --- and usually dies in short order if it's planted where it stays wet in winter.
Other than finding a hot, dry place for your lavender, there's not much you need to do. Wait for it to start growing in spring (it can be a slow one, so be patient) and wait to see how far back the wood died before you prune it. Lavender doesn't take well to being pruned back too far.

Thanks for writing. I hope this helps!

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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