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Growning Peonies in South Carolina

Can I grow peonies in South Carolina. I have been told by garden centers in Aiken, SC that peonies don't do well due to the lack of cold weather. I live in NYS, love peonies and would like to grow them in SC.
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Thanks for writing. There are some varieties of peony that tolerate warm winters better than others, so it's possible there are one or two kinds of peony you may be able to grow. Tree peonies, in particular, tolerate a little warmer winters than the traditional herbaceous varieties.

I've also heard of folks growing peonies in a spot with morning sun and afternoon shade in warm climates. The extra coolness from the shade may help you get a bloom or two.

That said, if you do try peonies in South Carolina, it's important to be realistic. They'll never perform as well as they did in New York. You'd probably be better off embracing a plant variety that thrives in your new climate if you want a great, easy-to-grow garden plant with lots of blooms.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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