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fern peony dying back

I pllanted a fern leaf peony about 6 weeks or so . they looked realy good for a while , but now they seem to be drying up? what can I do , or whats going on?
Submitted by mcelhanyjulie



Thanks for writing. I'm sorry, but I can't say for sure what's going on with your fernleaf peony without being able to see it. Is it possible the plant has gotten too much moisture from all the rain we've had lately and is starting to rot? Has it been damaged in any way that you you can tell (from animals, children, etc.)?


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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Early last fall I divided a fern leaf peony and gave a clump to two daughters who live miles apart. After planting, they said the plants looked as if they were dying. I told them to leave them alone as they may be setting roots. This spring both came back and blossomed.
Submitted by ssghosts