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dying, transplanted lantana help needed

Less than a week ago I transplanted 2 very healthy lantana plants to another spot in my garden. By the end of the day they were wilted, even though watered well. Now the leaves are totally brown and they look dead. Any suggestions on helping to revive them? I live in the Houston, TX area. Thank you

Submitted by pjacobs28

Any time that a plant in full growth is dug up and transplanted, you're removing a lot of the plant's roots, and wilting is a natural result. It takes weeks for the plant to regenerate new roots lost in the transplant. In the mean time, it can't support all the foliage, so the leaves dry up and fall off. You can expect some stem tip dieback too. Eventually, if you keep the plant watered well (assuming that you dug and moved a majority of the roots), it should sprout new growth. At that time you can cut out the dead stems.

Answered by DSchrock

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