Do foxgloves die back to nothing after blooming?

Do foxgloves die back to nothing after blooming? Will they come back with green leaves next spring?
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It all depends on the type of foxglove (Digitalis) you grow. The most commonly grown foxglove (D. purpurea) is a biennial, meaning that it will grow only foliage its first year and bloom the next, then die after blooming. Some types of foxglove are truly perennial, however. The most readily available perennial type is straw-berry foxglove (D. Ymertonensis). It looks much like the biennial type but tends to grow less tall, and the flowers are the color of crushed strawberries. The plant is hardy in Zones 3-8. Yellow foxglove (D. grandiflora) is another perennial type. It is also hardy in Zones 3-8. Both of these perennial foxgloves should be available at your local garden center or from mail-order nurseries.

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