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Daylilies not blooming

I have five different daylilies planted three feet apart in amended clay soil. I don't use chemicals, only compost tea. This is the fourth season for my plants and they've grown into wonderful clumps. They are in partial sun and bloomed profusely the first three seasons. Only one of the five has buds on it and they are all early bloomers! I had understood that daylilies would do well in partial to dappled shade. Was I mistaken? I have limited full-sun space that is taken by a butterfly garden.
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Daylilies shold be divided every three years. If you don't divide them regularly, they can slow down or stop blooming altogether. In addition, daylilies can bloom in dappled shade but partial shade might be too much for them. Divide them in the time after they would normally bloom - late summer or early fall - and move them to a sunnier spot.

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