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damaged leaves of my Jack Frost/Brunnera

I just bought and planted two brunnera jack frost. one keeps getting dried out black leaves I think it might be from watering it and the leaves hit the dirt. What can I do? or is there another reason?
Submitted by dkmiki1231



Thanks for writing. Without being able to see your hydrangea, I can't be sure of what's going on with it. Black leaves could signify rot, so letting it stay a little drier may help. Do you have mulch over the soil? A 2-inch-deep layer of mulch will help keep soil of the leaves. I wouldn't expect that to make them stop going black, but it should keep them cleaner and reduce the amount of weeding you have to do, too!


Also: How much sun does it get? Too much hot afternoon sun is bad for the plant. Do you fertilize? Brunneras are relatively sensitive to too much fertilizer or salt in the soil, as well.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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