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Coneflower Petal Problems

The coneflowers in my dad's garden are about 5 years old. This year they have been hit with powdery mildew on the leaves which I have under management. However, when the actual petals starts to bloom the flowers look like they have been eaten. What is the origin of this problem. I looked at photos of the garden last year, and I am shocked to see the difference. I plan to put new coneflowers in the garden. Aame scenario but to a lesser degree is occurring with Shasta Daisy's. Live in Mass.
Submitted by dpetra



Thanks for writing. Are the flowers actually eaten or deformed? If they're eaten, it's likely an insect pest of some sort (there's a handful of insects that will eat coneflowers).


If they're deformed, it could be a disease called aster yellows, a virus, or the buds could be affected by herbicide drift. It's impossible for me to say fr sure without being able to see them.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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