Carnations not blooming

I have red carnations that appear very healthy in the spring when they come up. They form lots of buds but just before they open they all turn brown and die off. This continues throughtout the season. I live in zone 5. They are in full sun and I have made sure they have plenty of air circulation. What am I doing wrong here?

Submitted by ladyblue23

From your description, it sounds as though this could be a disease problem, but that can't be confirmed without actually seeing a sample of the affected flower buds. It sounds as though you have them in good spot with lots of sun and air circulation. Perhaps this particular variety is simply susceptible to fungal diseases. It sounds most like Botrytis, which is usually more severe in cool, wet conditions. You may need to spray the plants with a fungicide such as chlorothalonil as buds begin to emerge to prevent the drying of the buds.

Answered by DSchrock

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