Best perennials for area?

I live in Bethel,OH. I am not sure of the plant area number. What is our plant zone and also what would be some great perennials for this area. I have tried some plants that do well just want to plant all perennials to try and save on cost. Sorry so many questions just would like to try and solve problems. Is it true that when you plant a garden you should rotate the garden each year for better results? Thank you, Mrs. Noble
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You can find out specifically what zone your in by typing in your zip code into our Zone Finder. It's on the main page of the Garden Channel down the left hand side of the screen. For perennials you don't need to rotate your plants, but if you are growing vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers, it helps to plant them in a different location each year. With most other crops, it does not matter. For a complete list of perennials that will do well in your zone go to our Plant Encyclopedia. You can do a Quick Search or a more Advanced Search and get a list of plants. Just find your zone on the Zone Finder, plug that into the Encyclopedia and you should get plenty of options since Ohio is a great place to grow perennials.

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