11 Year Old Smoke Bushes that have never 'Smoked"

We have a purple smoke bush that never smokes. It's approx. 10 years old. We live in Canada in Zone 4 or 5. The bush is very slow to bud and then a lot of the branches are barren. It has neve gotten the purple/pinky poofs. The most is gets is some little yellowish flowers...Why? How do we get it so smoke?
Submitted by mcblack3

Hi, I'm not sure why your plant does this, but my guess is your winter. If  your plant dies back each year during the winter, it takes a while for it to regrow and regroup during the summer, and therefore doesn't have time to mature and bloom. I have this same situation with mine in Iowa. They die back, regrow and look great, but I don't assume they'll ever bloom, simply because they are almost starting from scratch each year.

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