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Yellowing lawn:

Hello, I live in the Central Valley in CA, specifically, Lemoore. I've recently purchased a newly built Lennar home with a brand new tall fescue front lawn. I noticed that the connected neighbors lawn is a darker green and my lawn seems to be yellowing slightly all over. Since the landscape is brand new I think they set the sprinkler to go on every day. Is my lawn getting too much water? Or is it a nutrient issue? How often, what duration and at what times should I water the lawn and shrubs
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In your climate, with its high heat, even established lawns need water 2-3 times a week. A new lawn would need it daily for the first month or so, then cut it back to every other day. Seems to me that every other day is a pretty typical schedule for watering lawns in your area.

The yellowing may very well be due to nitrogen deficiency, which could be worse than it normally would be due to all the watering, which tends to leach nutrients out of the soil.  So, you could apply a little fertilizer (try it at half the package rate) and see if the lawn responds with better color -- you'll  see improvement within a few days if that's the issue.

Watering should take place in early morning, so that the grass dries quickly as the day heats up. That will reduce diseases.

Water your shrubs similarly -- every day for first month, then cut back to  every every other day. Just keep an eye on it and if it starts to look really swampy or muddy all the time, cut back your sprinkler run times until it dries out some.

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