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My yard is very uneven. It has high spots, low spots, tire tracks from doing projects, and an area with no grass from pulling out a tree. Is it best to till all of it up and start from scratch or is this a waist of my time?

Submitted by savannahmberry

The best result will probably come from starting over from scratch. But  also the most work!

However, if you are satisfied with the existing grass (in the places where it grows), then you can repair the bad spots. Fill in lows spots, tire ruts by spreading topsoil in them. No more than an inch at a time so the grass can grow up through it.   Bare spots with no grass can be reseeded by hand.

One option, if you have a lot of bare spots or thin areas, is to overseed the entire lawn, but don’t kill the existing grass. Best to do this in Sept. Power rake to get rid of thatch, mow the grass really short, then seed over the entire thing.

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