Where do I get hose reel parts

I have a BHG "Hose Mobile" hose reel. It wasn't new when I got it, and it is missing the connector pieces, so I try to squeeze my hose through the tube, and it kinks the hose. Where can I purchase parts for this hose reel?
Submitted by unique-collecti

Hi, Those hose reels were branded BHG, but sold through Wal-Mart. All I can suggest is that you contact the manufacturer (if you can find it marked anywhere on the product) or call Wal-Mart customer service. It may be hard to find replacement parts on a product that's been around for a while.

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The Better Homes and Gardens hose carts and reels are made by Suncast. The site for parts is http://www.suncast.com/replacement/replacementparts.aspx.
Submitted by StephenGlotzba
Where is the hose crimping? Is it on the left side of the hose reel? Does it connect down inside towards the center of the reel to a male hose thread connector piece, then when you start rolling it up, it crimps? If this is your problem, lots of hardware stores has a short piece of hose about 6 inches long, and has a spring over the outside of the hose, allowing it to be more flexible without crimping. Take it to hardware store and they will have parts to fix it.
Submitted by lmrii