Where did I go wrong when I used "weed-and-feed"?

I treated my yard with weed-and-feed for the first time, and half the lawn died! What did I do wrong?
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There are several possible reasons for damage to your lawn from a weed-and-feed application. Did you follow the package directions for the amount of product to use? When used at the correct dose, weed-and-feed products should cause no injury to most lawns, but too much may end up harming the lawn. (Too much fertilizer will burn the grass, especially if it is under heat or moisture stress. An overdose of weed killer can damage desirable plants as well as the targeted weeds.) Some types of turfgrass are more sensitive to broadleaf weed killers than others. Creeping bentgrass is killed by 2,4-D herbicide, a common component in weed-and-feed products. The weed-and-feed label usually cautions against using it on bentgrass lawns. It's also possible that an unrelated insect or disease problem occurred at the same time that you applied the weed-and-feed.

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