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What to do with a blank slate?

Our backyard is completely void of any trees-it is a rectangle fenced on three sides and totally empty of anything. It is over run with "goats head" (puncture vine) weeds. Little to NO grass so addressing this is 1st. How can I create a enjoyable color pallet of annuals and perennials along with plants that draw butterflies and birds.
Submitted by julia7ramirez


Well the first thing I would do is look at some garden plans. Our Garden Design section has over 100 plans you can browse through for various types of gardens (sun, shade, annual, perennial, butterfly, hummingbird, etc). Then, I'd go to our Plant Encyclopedia section and do Advanced Searches, plugging in your zone and specific needs. It's easy to do and should provide you with a planting list designed for your backyard. Then, i'd also visit your local independent garden centers and walk through their plant aisles to get an idea of what you like. You can also talk to their personnel to get some ideas.

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