what is the best lawn seed to get if I want to choke out crab grass and weeds, without ripping out the crab grass, weedy lawn I have now?

what is the best lawn grass seed to get if I am trying to choke out crab grass and weeds?
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If you're in a sunny spot, use bermudagrass. If it's a cooler, shadier spot, then you can probably get away with bluegrass, since (if I recall correctly) you're up in the mountains, at a higher, cooler elevation. Keeping out weeds is more a function of how you maintain the grass, though. A bit of fertilizer goes a long way in thickening up the grass, which is the best way to get it to outcompete weeds. Also, raise your mower's height to 2-3 inches, which will make it even tougher on weeds.

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