What is a type of grass that doesn't need frequent cutting?

I want a grass that doesn't need frequent cutting. Can you help me find one?
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There are a few grasses that need only infrequent cutting. One is buffalograss. It's a drought-tolerant North American native species, best adapted to the central and southern plains. A slow grower, it may need cutting only a few times a season, depending on how much you water it. (The more you water, the faster it will grow.) Another low-maintenance grass is crested hairgrass. This is a slow-growing grass that needs mowing only every 3 weeks or so. It's not very common; check with the staff at your local nursery or garden center. They may need to special-order it. Other options are most of the fine-leaf fescues, which are commonly sold for shady lawn areas. These grasses grow only about 6 8 inches tall. They create a natural look that substitutes well for a traditional lawn. You will need to mow them at least once a season, though, to get rid of the buildup of dead grass. Unmowed fine fescues are not lawns in the usual sensethat is, they won't have a tidy, close-cropped appearance.

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