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washing under a fence

My husband sprayed weed killer under our fence so he would not have to use the "weed eater". This spring we have had a lot of rain and the areas that all on an incline have washed the silt away and we now have ruts under our fence. Can you recommend anything to plant under the fence that would be low maintence? We thought of mulch but figured it would wash as well. We are now considering sod and going back to the "weed eater". We live in western NC.
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

You might consider using gravel or rock mulch directly under the fence. The weight of gravel should prevent it from washing away as would bark, pine needles or wood chips. If you don't want to apply gravel to the entire area, you could also place baffles crosswise to the slope to prevent the water from flowing so fast during downpours.

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6x12x1" concrete blocks with weed barrier under work great
Submitted by kenchick5