Uneveness in Lawn and Dog Spots

We live in Colorado, at about 6,500 feet. The lawn at the house we bought 3 years ago is very uneven, bumpy and rough. A neighbor said it may be insects, but I don't know what type or how to treat them. Also, we got a dog this winter, and now that spring is beginning to arrive I'm noticing alot of yellow spots in the back yard, where the dog spends most of his outdoor time. I'm guessing they are marks from his urination. What can I do the eliminate and prevent them?
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It's hard to say why your yard is bumpy without seeing it. Insects don't make a yard bumpy, but moles sometimes do. Again, without seeing it, I can't be much help. However, you can rent lawn rollers to help press it back into place.

As far as dog spots go, there's not much you can do except keep the dog off the lawn. You can fix urine spots, by raking off the dead grass, flushing the area with water, and replanting. But, you'll have them as long as your dog is allowed to run free on the lawn. Many people walk their dogs first to eliminate waste and then turn them loose. Or, they train them to go in another location or they keep them in a kennel. There is now way, however, to prevent dog urine from making spots. Some people believe that if you feed your dog a certain diet or supplement it will help, but it's not true and many of these folk remedies are harmful to the dog. If you walk your dog regularly and then allow it to run on your lawn while you are there the urine problem will be less, but again, if the dog runs loose in the yard for long periods of time you'll never have a perfect lawn. But I think the dog is well worth having over a perfect lawn.

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