Spots that look like they are dying

I am having a problem with patches on our lawn that look like they are dying, the entire lawn gets plenty of water so I cant figure out what is going on, no bugs or lawn moths for sure, so we are needing help. Our weather is around 100 degrees or a little higher, but the lawn is well watered. Thank you, Kathie
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You don't say what sort of lawn you have, which makes it difficult to be certain about this. But usually, summertime patches on a well watered lawn mean fungus. There are fungicides you can buy at garden centers that cure the problem. Or, if it's not too severe and you can tolerate it, just let it go. When cooler drier weather arrives in late Sept, the fungus dies off. Depending on the type of grass you have, it may heal itself. If not (for instance, tall fescue will not) then patch the dead spots with a seed mix. 

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