redish brown dust on grass-gets on shoes when you walk

What is it? how do you get rid of it? will it harm the grass?
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This sounds like a condition called Rust. It's caused by a number of environmental conditions such as wet weather, cool moist nights, and low fertility. It often occurs in late summer. Fungicides do not help this problem. The best way to avoid rust is to employ good cultural practices with regular fertilizer applications, watering and mowing. The condition should go away with proper care. I'd definitely fertilize your lawn this fall with a winter prep fertilizer and give it another shot in the spring. You can't help the weather conditions this summer which have caused a lot of problems, but you can bring your lawn up to good health so it can keep problems like this at bay. If left alone, rust will eventually weaken your grass. It's also a sign that the nitrogen in your soil is being exhausted. Hence, why a fall feeding will help your lawn get through the winter. In your area, I'd feed in mid September.

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