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preemirgent crabgrass killer

We are looking for a preemergent crabgrass killer to put on in the Spring that can tell the difference between grass and weeds. there is something on the market because we heard about it on tv. We cannot find it in our area. the Scott's one we bought says to wait 4 months before adding seed, which will be in July. Thank you
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Wow! I hadn't heard of this, so thank you for teaching me! Here's what you want: It's called a

selective herbicide. It controls crabgrass without killing grass seedlings. The chemical is called siduron (Tupersan? is the brand name). Call around your local garden centers to find it. It will likely be pricey. If garden centers don't have it, check with local lawn care services or landscapers. It is labeled for homeowner use, so don't let someone tell you that you are not licensed to apply it. Thanks for teaching me something! Happy gardening!

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