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night crawlers in my lawn

Do you have any suggestions for the lumps/mounds that appear in my yard? We have been told that it is night crawlers,and mighty big ones I might add. The dirt lumps are not moles, gophers or little burrowing creatures. Our yard has an ample amount of shade and sun alike. We keep it very well manicured and the worms have moved in with all of their relatives! The mounds are very annoying and look like little dog poops, so I am constantly trying to scoop them up only to find that it is dirt!!
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The mounds of earthworm castings can be annoying in a lawn, but it's a sign of a healthy lawn. The earthworms aerate the soil and convert decaying organic matter into humus that the plants can use. While you could use an insecticide to kill the earthworms, we don't recommend doing so. Instead try raking out the castings to spread them throughout the lawn. They are a beneficial topdressing for the grass.

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