New to Alaska and new to planting grass seed!

I live in central Alaska on an Army post so my yard is very small and has dogs living on both sides. The people who lived here before us also had dogs. My yard is nothing but rocks, dirt and dead grass. I tilled the lawn and raked up most of the rocks and dead grass, then fertilized and seeded. I got nothing. I heard that mixing seed with seeding soil or potting soil and putting a fresh layer of that will help the grass grow. Any other ideas? or should I still use lime?
Submitted by haasstacy

Hi, Well there are two key elements for good turf: sun and soil. First, be sure you have enough sunlight to maintain a healthy lawn. The area should receive at least 6 hours of direct sun a day and that there are no shallow-rooted trees such as maples nearby. Second is soil. If your soil is compacted with poor fertility you need to add organic matter (compost, rotted manure or even fresh soil) to the surface and till it all in to improve the tilth of your soil. Also, do not buy cheap grass seed. Inexpensive seed is not always a bargain because cheap seed mixes can have a lot of filler in it and/or weed seeds. Buy a good quality seed and, for best results, go for a mix such as bluegrass with perennial rye. Rake the surface smooth, spread your seed and then gently rake or press the seed into the soil surface. Water thoroughly and keep the seed bed slighlty moist until the grass comes up and gets a start. This way, you should not have any problems getting a lawn started.

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