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mushrooms and white stripes

I have been watering my lawn to keep it green. I mow on a high setting and all was fine. Now I have mushrooms all over my backyard, even in the sunny locations. I also have spots where some of the grass is white striped, like someone spray painted in the area. How do I get rid of or control these?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Mushrooms are not a sign that anything is amiss. When conditions are moist for extended periods,they often show up. They do not harm the lawn.  You may wish to pick them out by hand if you have small  children that might eat them, however.

The white stripes are a little tougher to  diagnose. The only  thing that usually causes white color on grass is powdery mildew, which bluegrass can get sometimes. If that's what it is, it typically requires no treatment.

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