Multi colored lawn

we purchased a house in Orem, UT which had a nice and green lawn. By the time we had moved in and gotten settled we noticed that the grass was dying due to lack of water so we immediately starting watering with a sprinkler as we have no sprinkler system. Two days after we watered we gave the grass weed and feed and followed all the instructions. Two weeks later we have really green spots, regular green spots and dead spots that are trying to come back. How do we even out the color?
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Because lack of water is the apparent reason for variation in color in the lawn, it's mostly likely a matter of time for the most severely damaged areas to recover and catch up with the lesser damaged sections. Continue to apply water so that the lawn doesn't get further moisture stressed.

I'd suggest avoiding fertilizing right now. The healthy sections would take up the fertilizer right away, and the stressed sections wouldn't be able to take advantage of the fertilizer. Thus, you would be compounding the difference in growth and coloration.

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