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moss instead of grass

I have moss growing in my backyard. There used to be a lot of shade from the neighbor's yard but over the years, trees have come down but the moss prevails. Is there a certain grass that will take root instead of the moss? The back yard is on the east side of the house. I have raked it up and put moss killer on it but it just keeps coming back.
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Several conditions favor moss over grass. One of them is shade. If the area no longer is shady, but moss continues to overtake grass there, it may be due to excess moisture in the soil or possibly low pH. Is the area poorly drained or compacted? That could be what is holding moisture in. Aeration may help alleviate the problem. You might also take a soil test to confirm that the pH is in the correct range for grass. Most lawn grasses prefer a pH slightly on the acid side.

Creeping red fescue is one of the more shade tolerant grasses, and it might be a good choice to try in the spot.

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